Here why to book us for your destination wedding.

Planning a destination wedding can put extra stresses on wedding couples and their families. We encourage to hire a photographer to travel with you to your destination for several reasons.

Having to book vendors in other states and even other countries can be difficult with the inability to speak to them in person and to hear how they've worked with other clients.

Unless you have traveled to your venue ahead of time, everyone will be seeing it for the first time. Having a good relationship with your photographer will help the day go by much smoother by planning the days events well in advance. It can be a gamble to have the wedding coordinator choosing your photographer for you. 

Your photographer is the only person you've hired that will spend an entire day with you. From the getting ready shots in the morning with your brides maids and groomsman all the way to the last good byes at the end of the night we are there with you. Meeting up ahead of time allows the ice to be broken and develop and friendship that will show in the natural smiles you show in your photos.

Let us be just as amazed as you are with the beauty and surroundings of your destination wedding. Our latest destination wedding we shot in Peru was an overload of gorgeous landscape and an amazing culture. Someone who shoots there every weekend may not have the same enthusiasm to incorperate why you chose that location in the first place. 

The price of hiring a photographer on location can be severely inflated. Even with added travel costs of bringing a photographer with you, the pricing will likely work out to be the same or cheaper. 

Most importantly is the getting your photos in a timely manner after you've returned home. We like to deliver our photos in person whenever possible. Our clients are now our friends and want to share with them the memories from one of the most import days of their lives. Trying to track down a photographer in a other country or even in another state if they haven't delivered their work can be especially tough.

If you have any questions regarding your destination wedding feel free to reach out to us on our contact page. Thanks!